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We are a leading firm of CPAs with a combined industry experience of more than 50 years in finance, accounting, taxation and business consulting. We are perfectly positioned to provide services to companies that are looking for an alternative to national or "Big Four" firms or, outgrowing their local CPA.

Our firm has been founded on the principles of integrity, trust and commitment to customer service. We ensure that we create value for our clients by providing them with excellent timely service to achieve superior results through detailed analysis and minute perfection. Our professionals treat the clients with respect and humility.

Our professionals constitute alumni from Infosys, Jackson Hewitt, KPMG, and other reputable consulting companies. We attract the best in the industry and provide best services to our clients.

We proactively understand and identify critical issues faced by our clients and help them find a suitable solution. We are motivated by entrepreneurial thinking and want to become a trusted long term partner in the growth and development of our clients.

Here's how we help

Assurance Services

An audit is performed to deliver the highest level of assurance. It is a methodical and objective review of a company’s financial statements.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning and tax preparation are two sides of the same coin. An effective tax planning strategy is the key to keep your tax liability to a minimum.

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Foreign Bank Account Reporting

Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report (in short FBAR) is a form that IRS requires you to file to comply with the requirements of reporting Foreign Bank and Financial. See how we can help you with the same!

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Other Business Services

We do not stop serving you even after we’re done managing your tax, accounting, and audit needs. We also offer a host of other specialized business services to ensure that you always put up your top game!

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Top 10 mistakes to avoid in the next tax season

When it comes to tax filing, you just cannot afford to make mistakes. Granted that with a tax code as long as the United States’ and so many different IRS tax forms, tax filing can become a bit overwhelming at times, but going that extra mile will benefit you in the long run.

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Brace yourselves because FACTA is here to stay

On March 18, 2010, the FACTA came into being with the sanction of the then US President, Barack Obama. FATCA rules that all foreign financial institutions (FFIs) outside of the US must report annually on all financial accounts held by US citizens to the IRS.

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5 rasons to hire a registered tax agent service

When it comes to businesses, the tax filing process can get even more complicated as there are numerous things to consider, such as deductions and profits or losses. So, it is essential to get your financial and tax details straight. The solution? Read on!

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